[Video] Don’t Start A Project You Cannot Complete

Hi guys,

A couple of months ago I created a video about never giving up on your goals. This was mountain bike related, and it was making similarities to getting up and over those roadblocks that get in the way.

On a similar vein, I want to point out the importance of not committing to too much at once. It is better not to start a project, than to give up part way through.

This week, I was on a mountain bike ride with my friends, Chris and Tony.

Here are the 3 of us, nearly at the top of one of the the biggest climbs – The reason we stopped here becomes clear in the video below!

photo (4)

Well I have a confession to make – I gave up at this point and took a short cut home. Watch this video to understand the reasons why.

No excuses- I feel bad

Please leave your thoughts below 🙂

2 thoughts to “[Video] Don’t Start A Project You Cannot Complete”

  1. What you are saying is soooo true, I can totally relate this to my online biz. Having tried most of the “shiny objects” I am moving back to my primary business that I started in a couple of years ago, the type of business that will still be going years and years after most of the hyped up shining stuff is long gone. Also agree that you shouldn’t commit if you know you can’t follow through, thats what I now tell people that ask me to join their opportunity, “sorry but as good as your offer looks, I would be unable to commit fully to it, so to be fair to everyone I will let it pass”… anyway hope you are feeling better.
    Steve T recently posted..Tribal Tattoos For Guys The Sexiest Tattoos That Women Adore On Men

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thank you for the comments and bet wishes in your online biz.
      Shiny objects are the death of many an online marketer, so congrats on having a plan and sticking to it.
      I am feeling much better now thanks.


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