The Power Of WordPress [Video]

Hope you are having a great day.
In this video I want to give you a flavour of what can be achieved using WordPress. And there is a personal reason for recording this video too.
Once you start using wordpress and understand the flexible options it gives you. Why would you go back to html?
Hope you enjoy the video.

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Please leave a comment, let me know how you use wordpress in your business.


14 thoughts to “The Power Of WordPress [Video]”

  1. Hello Brian,

    Great stuff, especially what you are doing to help out your daughter. ” Nice Job.”

    I use WordPress for so much in our online business, it is a very powerful platform for certain.

    I know there are numerous others out there but… I admit I’ve never even tried any of them after seeing what a good and mutual friend named Omar Martin showed me what was possible with WordPress.

    I believe that the possibility’s are almost limitless especially when it is paired up with Optimize Press for building membership sites.

    Thanks for doing the video.

    To your continued success,

    David Caudill
    David Caudill recently posted..Instant Resell Profits Has To Be The Simplest Business Model Online Today!

  2. That was a very good video Brian
    You are a WP Expert. That is where i fail
    Your sites and your Daughter’s site are first class.
    Bless You…Laurence

  3. This is great. I envy your cool approach. I also like the caption “The Honest Marketer”, and I believe you are. I must confess I am just starting to use the software I purchased from you and also Gareth’s. I just opened a new website using my name and am excited to start posting. Would also like to know your web designer, noticing yours and John’s, Dave’s, and others use similar graphic content. Also busy with a YouTube Challenge at the moment. That’s quite a bit for a seventy year old, but I like to be busy, hopefully at more than just ‘spinning my wheels.

    Thanks again for the info and video. I need all the help I can get.

    Sam Bralley recently posted..Key Essentials of Personality Development – Self Help – Motivational

  4. Couldn’t agree more Brian, WordPress is a fantastic platform with which to build a wide variety of websites regardless of what it is you’re trying to achieve online.

    The incredible number of free and premium plugins/themes makes it very easy for anyone to to get a great looking site up and running in no time.


    Stefan Dyke recently posted..Think Before You Promote A Product

  5. Hi Brian, enjoyed the short video. Your daughter came up with a very clever, original idea. All success to her in the future.

  6. Hi Brian!

    Great video! I love WordPress and have been using it for a few years. I recently changed to the Flexibilty theme, which is pretty easy to use.

    Although I’ve got an opt-in box in the side bar I prefer to use a static html page for my “main” squeeze page.

    You’ll see that last month I did a post called:
    “Build Your List The Easy Way – “The List Building Formula””…

    Maybe some of your readers would like to take a look and see how easy it is to do a review… and maybe make some money!

    BTW… I loved “The List Building Formula”

    Robert Watkins recently posted..How To Insert And Format Images On Your WordPress Blog

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