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Hi guys,

In this post I am going to b explaining about some of the steps you can take when researching your new product ideas.

Firstly, and very importantly you need to choose your niche – TIP – Choose a buying niche, so head over to clickbank to see if products are selling in the same niche (no point having the best product ever created on goldfish herding – if nobody is going to buy it!) Choose a category where similar products are moving quickly, ie A gravity rating of 5 or above – You can also check out the Warrior forum, and see what the ‘Hot Topics’ are

Secondly – do your research – Buy and source related products to gain ideas from.

A really under used resource, which is a golden nugget of a tip is  – Always check your hard drive, because if your like me, you probably have a tonne of products that you  have bought over the years that are just gathering dust. If you can put them to good use, and get some ideas for your new product –  do it. – It may save you buying more products for research purposes.

A great place to do research is youtube, just head to youtube and type in your niche, lets say – ‘get more traffic’ , here you will find a massive amount of videos , some containing great tips and advice which you can mould  and change into your own ideas. (Never copy,  just gain inspiration)

You can also use google to great effect – suggested searches – ‘get more traffic blog‘    –     ‘get more traffic forum‘     –     ‘get more traffic plr

PLR or Private Label Rights products are an amazing way to get your new products off the ground quickly, because you can use, copy, change, brand, and pretty much do anything to the original product to make it your own.  You can break the content up into sections, change an eBook into a power-point video presentation. Have a video transcribed into an audio – the list is endless, and when you brand it as your own your credibility will then rise.

I am creating my first product at the moment, it is a list building guide, I am using all of the above techniques to keep the project moving. Ill keep you guys posted.


4 thoughts to “Product Research Tips”

  1. Brian,
    Nice post. Great idea on checking the hard drive for old programs. I’d suggested going through all your e-mailboxes too. I know I have filed and forgotten a lot of old programs that I have purchased and they would be great inspiration and ideas for future projects.

    I’m also just starting the product development phase but I am still trying to find the niche. Good luck with yours.


  2. Cheers guys for your comments.
    I forgot about checking my email inbox for inspiration! I’m sure I have a tonne of stuff that I bought and never even used!

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