Product Research Tips

Hi guys,

In this post I am going to b explaining about some of the steps you can take when researching your new product ideas.

Firstly, and very importantly you need to choose your niche – TIP – Choose a buying niche, so head over to clickbank to see if products are selling in the same niche (no point having the best product ever created on goldfish herding – if nobody is going to buy it!) Choose a category where similar products are moving quickly, ie A gravity rating of 5 or above – You can also check out the Warrior forum, and see what the ‘Hot Topics’ are

Secondly – do your research – Buy and source related products to gain ideas from.

A really under used resource, which is a golden nugget of a tip is  – Always check your hard drive, because if your like me, you probably have a tonne of products that you  have bought over the years that are just gathering dust. If you can put them to good use, and get some ideas for your new product –  do it. – It may save you buying more products for research purposes.

A great place to do research is youtube, just head to youtube and type in your niche, lets say – ‘get more traffic’ , here you will find a massive amount of videos , some containing great tips and advice which you can mould  and change into your own ideas. (Never copy,  just gain inspiration)

You can also use google to great effect – suggested searches – ‘get more traffic blog‘    –     ‘get more traffic forum‘     –     ‘get more traffic plr

PLR or Private Label Rights products are an amazing way to get your new products off the ground quickly, because you can use, copy, change, brand, and pretty much do anything to the original product to make it your own.  You can break the content up into sections, change an eBook into a power-point video presentation. Have a video transcribed into an audio – the list is endless, and when you brand it as your own your credibility will then rise.

I am creating my first product at the moment, it is a list building guide, I am using all of the above techniques to keep the project moving. Ill keep you guys posted.


My Development

Hi all,

This week I am going to describe my progress with John Thornhills Partnership to success program.

I am currently learning how to monetize my blog using affiliate links, and google adsense. In the case of google adsense, this is a very good method of seeing an initial income from your blog. Although you will never become a millionaire from adsense on one blog, it is a great feeling knowing that revenue is trickling in. Also over time, the more traffic my blog gets, the more the adsense clicks will increase.

I have also started to add some links to my ‘widget’ areas, you may see the recommended category. This is where I am going to put my affiliate links to all the products I have used personally and recommend to you.

I am making a conscious decision to try and make some of my written blog posts longer (around 200 hundred words)  this is for a couple of reasons- Whislt studyings John’s course –  John Thornhills Coaching Program he mentions that we are more likely to see traffic from searches with a decent blog post, and also the  ads will be that more targeted. There is no real point having a ‘weight loss’ ad showing up on my internet marketing blog!

I have also tried to make my ads more relevant by ‘blocking’ certain niches in the adsense back office area.

I am really enjoying the mentoring program, although I have missed a couple of the training webinars due to the time difference. But I can always catch up on them later as John records them all and places them in the members area.The course is delivered weekly, and  I have asked his support team to fast track me forward a few weeks because I have some time available to really get moving. So you should see some real positive changes coming to my blog, and to my training for you guys.

Speak soon


Exciting Changes!!

Hi guys,
I am still working through John Thornhills mentor program, so you will see another new addition to this blog. John has recommended the addition of a pop up, to grab more subscribers. You may see one pop up when you first come to the site. it wont be there everytime, because it knows when you have been, (its a clever pop up!)so it wont be too intrusive.
The pop up works within aweber and was a super simple installation. I will let you all know the results of it.
If you happen to sign up to the new list, you will receive case studies from some of Johns most successful students, Ive seen them, and it gives you great motivation to keep plugging away.
Any way this week I am working on my new product – its called The List Building Formula – I have compiled all my research together, and now creating content. My cool graphics are coming along great too!
Any way guys – have a great day.

John Thornhills Masterclass

Changes To My Blog

Hi guys,
Over the next few days, (actually 31 days), you may notice changes to this blog.
This is because I have enrolled on a mentoring course by John Thornhill – a top marketer. And I am taking action. I am doing everything he suggests – After all he has made millions of dollars online for the past 10 years.
Currently I have changed my theme, added adsense, and am now configuring my widgets!!
Over the course of this month he will be teaching me proven methods he has used to grow his list, sell affiliate products, and become a leader in the internet marketing niche.
The course is super simple, and step by step.
Hopefully the changes will not distract from your experience, but they will make me more money!

If you want to view Johns course, unfortunately the WSO is now closed, however, as an afilliate of Johns, he has given me a link to his marketing masterclass program that you can try on a trial basis for just $4.95!!

Check Out This Great Deal Here –
Ps – I wish I had found this link before I bought the WSO!!

John Thornhill’s Masterclass

Become An Internet Marketer – FREE GIFT

Hi folks, its been a while since I posted anything here, so to make up for it, I wanted to give you some real value.
This is a report I originally made as a bonus for a product I made. But I am giving it to you just for being here.
This free PDF report will explain how you can grab all the resources you need to become an Internet marketer for less than $5…. Awesome…
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Watch out for more free gifts in the coming days.

Have a great day

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