Don’t Give Up [Video]

Hi guys,

A short video for you today that I recorded this week whilst out on a mountain bike ride, high up in the Cheshire Peak District, UK.

I love mountain biking and have just had some new front forks fitted. So I was keen to try them out.

It was hard work, but exhilarating, especially when you make it to the top of the trails, ready for the descent!

This short video explains how sometimes you feel as though you want to give up, however you may be just about to complete the journey.

I placed some images below the video too, showing my progress through the forest. Hope you like them.

Here is the video – The sound for the first 10 seconds is shocking!  (sorry) It was very windy up at the top.

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Okay, so it isn’t always plain sailing, even on the descents!

On my way back down the trails, I had to negotiate steep hills, sharp bends, rocks and boulders. Even the odd steep hill back up again!

So even though you have done the majority of the hard work, you still need to keep one close eye on things while you enjoy the view, and steer your way through the obstacles. However it is much easier as you do not have to pedal as much!


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From Idea to Reality

Hi, hope you are having a great day.

In this short blog post I want to talk about moving your business forward on a daily basis.

It is quite easy to become frustrated with the mundane day to day aspects of running your own online business. And when we are not excited by the things we need to do, our mind can wander, and we can drift along without achieving the desired outcome.

For example – How many unfinished projects do you own?App-tip-icon

Remember those great ideas you had! You may even have bought a domain name, and had visions of this changing your life. But how far did you get with it?

Did you complete it?

Or is the idea still there, sat on your hard drive, along with all those shiny objects?

Until I changed my focus, I had a number of great ideas, but I never followed them through. I would get bored, a new product would come out, and I would then get lots of new ideas! (I would also buy the product!)

This merry go round went on for nearly 2 years. It took me a while to realize that if I kept doing what I was doing, I would get nowhere fast. I decided to concentrate on just one of my ideas, and see it through to the end. I stopped buying all those shiny objects, unless I really needed them for the project.

I discovered mindmapping and also started creating  ‘ To Do ‘  lists for the next day.   The mind mapping tool I use is –

The to do lists are just written on a pad – Old School…

When you have a list of tasks in front of you that you physically tick off, as you complete them – this is a big motivator. You want to finish the tasks so you can start again fresh the next day!

Try it..


Please leave a comment if this resonates with you 🙂

Have a successful day


Coming Soon – The List Building Formula

Hi guys,
My product is now completed, and I am just awaiting my Clickbank approval.
This new list building product will teach you the exact same methods that I use to grow my list.
Watch the video below, then jump on the early bird list to be assured of getting your hands on this product before it goes on general release.
Here is the vid!

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[Video] Product Development MasterClass

A treat for you today –
Two leaked chapters from Product Development Control. The course that is bringing in rave reviews!
You can check out the ‘Sneak Peek’ chapters here –
Video 1

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Video 2

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Ps, my product is nearly complete. Watch out next week for insider info….

Brian 🙂

Your Digital Real Estate

I have been beavering away these past few weeks, putting the finishing touches to a brand new List Building product that I am creating.

I am creating my own product for a few reasons.

1) It will be my own piece of real estate that can bring in sales
for years

2) It will create a list of buyers,- an invaluable resource that I
can ‘Tap’ into and make affiliate sales

3) It will help to open up powerful JV relationships with other
internet marketers, who can make commissions from promoting my

4) It is a proven business model, the more ‘Buy’ buttons I can get
in front of people, the more my business succeeds.

If you haven’t started creating your own product yet, it is
something I would recommend you look into immediately.

Keep your eyes peeled for the early bird list to my product 🙂

Pinterest – A Marketers Dream

Staying on top of Social Media can be a bit intimidating, but not when you know how to do it! It’s also a lot of fun!
It seems like every day a new social media site appears! It can make any small business owner shake their head in disbelief and wonder how they will ever learn a new one!

Who’s got that kind of time?

Non StoPinterest 2.0

Well, the hottest social media site around is Pinterest! Pinterest is an amazing image sharing site and for just a few minutes a day, you can expand your reach to new potential customers and build your online brand even further.

And…the best resource I have found to get over this learning curve is NonStoPinterest 2.0. It’s a full blown membership site on how to pin, what to pin and a lot of secrets of successful pinning!


If you’re just checking out Pinterest for the first time you’ll see it is full of wonderful, interesting images; literally, all over the place. It’s a virtual dream board! An entire site of great pictures and images with links back to the sources and the companies that pinned the image!

What does this mean for you?

More exposure for you and your business! More exposure is always a good thing!! And… it means that with some creative skills you can easily captivate an entirely untapped market. All you need to do is figure out what images best represent your company and go from there.

We’re not talking run of the mill boring pictures. In order to best benefit from the site you really need to have the images that make people stop and go “awww” or “I have got to have that!”.

Once you’ve gotten a batch of images that meet that criteria, all you have to do is start pinning them to your own boards and then those who follow you (much like friends on Facebook) can take your image and repin them to their own boards and the viral effect of Pinterest can take place. Each and every time your image is pinned and repinned you gain yet another link back to your website, your business and new customers!

But don’t go hog wild pinning before you know the secrets! Get informed first and foremost and invest in NonStoPinterest 2.0!!

Maximize YOUR presence on Pinterest!

Non StoPinterest 2.0

See you there!


Pinterest Marketing

Another free training video for you today all anout grabbing free targeted traffic direct from one of the fastest growing websites on the planet, – Pinterest.
Now do not take this social media platform lightly. With the viral nature of the site, soon you could see an army of new visitors flocking to your websites. Just set the ball rolling. There is lots to learn with Pinterest, but my first impressions are good, and it’s not too late to jump in!
Here is the video – If you enjoy the content – PLEASE PIN IT!


[Video] Automate Twitter to Grow Your Business

Hi guys,
Another short training video today showing you how to automate your Twitter account to send out your squeeze page links.
This technique, again, takes only 5 minutes to set up so you can be up and running fast.
I really love using tools that save me time, and this one does just that.
Anyway, here is the video. Again if you enjoy it, please comment below or share it on your favourite social media.

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[Video] Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Hi guys,
Thanks for popping over to my blog. I have created this post to explain how you can use Facebook to grow your online business, but you need to be smart about it.
You can either join groups in your niche, and post valuable tips and ideas to help the group. When you are actively providing great value to the group you will soon be seen as a leader, and people will naturally follow you. DO NOT SPAM THE GROUPS – this is the best way to annoy everybody and get booted out!
You could also create your own groups, and this works in the same way, except you are in control! Remember when you post to the group, it has a good chance of showing up on the members Facebook wall! The chance to go viral, so don’t just post a picture of your dinner, or say ‘I can’t sleep’!!
Anyway here’s the video. Please comment below 🙂

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