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Hi all,

This week I am going to describe my progress with John Thornhills Partnership to success program.

I am currently learning how to monetize my blog using affiliate links, and google adsense. In the case of google adsense, this is a very good method of seeing an initial income from your blog. Although you will never become a millionaire from adsense on one blog, it is a great feeling knowing that revenue is trickling in. Also over time, the more traffic my blog gets, the more the adsense clicks will increase.

I have also started to add some links to my ‘widget’ areas, you may see the recommended category. This is where I am going to put my affiliate links to all the products I have used personally and recommend to you.

I am making a conscious decision to try and make some of my written blog posts longer (around 200 hundred words)  this is for a couple of reasons- Whislt studyings John’s course –  John Thornhills Coaching Program he mentions that we are more likely to see traffic from searches with a decent blog post, and also the  ads will be that more targeted. There is no real point having a ‘weight loss’ ad showing up on my internet marketing blog!

I have also tried to make my ads more relevant by ‘blocking’ certain niches in the adsense back office area.

I am really enjoying the mentoring program, although I have missed a couple of the training webinars due to the time difference. But I can always catch up on them later as John records them all and places them in the members area.The course is delivered weekly, and  I have asked his support team to fast track me forward a few weeks because I have some time available to really get moving. So you should see some real positive changes coming to my blog, and to my training for you guys.

Speak soon


4 thoughts to “My Development”

  1. Hi Brian,
    I am writing to say how fantastic your blog is looking and you seem to have mastered the art of information and posting.

    Thanks for the great info.

    I look forward to reading more!!
    Warmest wishes
    Paula x

    1. Hey Paula, thanks for the kind words. I am learning everyday and just want to pass it on to my readers.

  2. Hi Brian,

    I think we must be at about the same point in the Partnership to Success course.

    Just wanted you to know your blog looks great!

    I’m sure we’ll be very successful under John’s mentorship.

    Take care,


  3. Hi Brian,

    Learning the same things as well but not quite moving as fast as you. You make a good point about the size of the blogs. Must try to do the same.
    Have also blocked the bits in adsense so looking forward to more targeted adverts.
    Good Luck, will keep an eye on your sight.
    Regards CJ

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