How To Speed Up Videos and Increase Productivity

How To Speed Up Videos

This video explains all about a FREE chrome extension I have been using that can increase your productivity and save you up to 50% of your time.

Who would have thought a free tool could be so valuable.   Watch the video below and see for yourself.

You can also find a similar tool within YouTube that performs the same functions.

Links to the relevant tools are below the video.  Please comment if you found this useful

Video Speed Controller – Chrome extension


25 thoughts to “How To Speed Up Videos and Increase Productivity”

  1. Hi Brian. Many thanks for making me aware of this great little tool – and it’s free as well! Like you I have so many training webinars and other video based information I have to get through but up unitl now I was simply downloading these visoes to my phone and nthen watching them in bed before I went to sleep.
    And sometimes sleep came first!
    But now with this great chrome extension I no longer will have to do that arduous task – great share mate and thanks
    Peter Beckenham recently posted..Are You Living In a Fool’s Paradise?

  2. Hi Brian Sir,
    Most times, I was trying to speed up videos that I was viewing on the web. In these instances, the best program I’ve found is Enounce MySpeed . It’s a small app that monitors online videos. If the tool detects that it can adjust the video speed, it displays a small slider. This slider allows you to adjust video playback speed within a set range.
    And, an impressive and interesting information and enjoyed to read!
    Christina Lynn recently posted..Download SHAREit for PC (Official), Android, iPhone & WP

  3. Thank you so much for these tips. I started using the Video Speed Controller and Workflowy and I am hooked.

    I have found that if I listen to videos in fast forward for too long, my stress levels go up. I will suddenly find myself a bit tense and so I will just go back to normal speed. It makes me laugh every time though.

    After watching this video, its help me more, thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed to this post.
    Nicole Pary recently posted..Download SHAREit for PC, Android & iPhone- Video Tutorial

  4. Thank you for sharing this story. Good on you. In the hope of progress
    Great Post!!! I like It
    I’ll bookmark this website!
    Thanks for the information…. really great article. keep posting this kind of stuff.
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    Thank you for posting such a great article…!

  5. This post is very help full
    Provides great idea,tips and tricks for bloggers
    I am a experienced blogger but still above post was use full for me

  6. Hi Brian,
    I was inspired by this blog post about Facebook Traffic Rush that you’ve been using for 2+ years.

    I’ve not used Facebook advertising yet, but perhaps I’ll implement it one day on my blog.

    I like the idea of speeding up the videos; even if we do so, we can as you say in the video entirely understand what’s been said in the video.

    It’s a great time saver.

    I love to implement things that free’s up time so that I can do more with less.

    Have a great week!

    Edna Davidsen, Greenland

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