How to make money online? Just do it!

Hi guys,
This post is for all those ‘procrastinators’ out there. 
If your anything like me, you have a ton of eBooks, video guides , PDF’s etc, on your hard drive that you have acquired over the many years that you have been trying internet marketing.

Recently like many other marketers I bought a Video software product, that simply rocks.
I believe that it became one of the biggest selling products ever on JVZoo.


Did you buy it? Are you still waiting to use it to make money?

I bought it because I am releasing a couple of new products soon, and wanted to create my own sales videos. And I have also thought about creating videos for offline clients.

But I thought I would test how good it is, and also become a kick ass video maker in the process.

So a few weeks ago I listed a couple of gigs on Fiverr

And an amazing thing happened

I received a few orders!! I set about learning the software, and created some great videos that people seemed to love. The positive reviews, then helped me become a level one seller! 
This allows you to list gig extras. I decided to offer a voice over service that people could order after they bought the gig.

( By the way, I outsourced the voice overs on – you guessed it Fiverr )

Once you start getting a few positive reviews, then it kinda snowballs. Look at the analytic’s here – 

Over 5000 views! 160 clicks and 13 orders in two weeks, converting at 6%.
I was also sending buyers to my website, so they could choose the style of video and music they required. This has resulted in a couple of sign ups to my list. 🙂
Here is a pic of the quick blog I threw up –

Now , you can see the gig is becoming popular, look at the feed – 

So here is the thing.
I didn’t do anything special, I did no optimising of the gig, or promotion.
I’m probably not going to make my fortune on Fiverr , and I don’t want to spend my time making animated videos for a few dollars, after all this was just an experiment, but a worthy one. I will probably close the gigs down if it gets too popular (or out source it) as I do not want it taking up too much of my time.

BUT – It just goes to show that if you make use of the information and resources you have available, and take action, then you may just be able to finally make some money online.

Hope this resonates with you 🙂
Oh, and here is the product that made it happen. I highly recommend it.



‘Now go and put that latest product you bought to good use’

28 thoughts to “How to make money online? Just do it!”

    1. Cheers Torsten,
      Yes, I get so many emails just asking, how can they possibly make money online.
      I ask them, have you bought any products lately?
      They usually say ‘yes’

      When I ask if they have taken action on them.

      It goes silent.

      Thanks for showing your appreciation with a comment.

      Brian Oliver recently posted..[Video] My Embarrassing Mistake

  1. Hi Brian!

    First of all congrats on your success 🙂 In my opinion you are on the right track to do a video making business here. Don’t know if you are familiar with Ryan Deiss “Customer Value Optimisation” but you have a great Tripwire offer here – lots of potential to scale it up, especially in video marketplace which is in big demand.

    I am really curious to see what will be your final decision on this. Keep us updated on P2S FB page.

    All the best,
    Miso recently posted..Simple ways to use Facebook Contest

  2. Yes, Brian it is almost uncanny how your experience matches my own – i too set up a couple of gigs on Fiverr one helping people with WordPress and a writing one and a voice over (I have a voice like Richard Burton the ladies tell me..heh) anyway I earnt 500 dollars over the course of 4-5 weeks which is not a fortune, but proves you can indeed make money online quite quickly – I could scale this up using cheaper Outsourcers from Odesk but have suspended the gigs for now. Great post and totally agree with you
    Michael Gorman recently posted..Comment on Video Search Engine Optimization – Ranking Videos On YouTube by How to Build A Niche Blog

  3. Hi Brian,
    How are you this weekend?

    Good to be here on your blog. I think this is my first time here.

    Congratulations on those sales. You did just what most of us should have started doing long ago. It’s not enough to just buy those stuffs. They have to be put to work to see results.

    Now, you are teaching us a big lesson so thanks for sharing again.

    Do have a wonderful weekend
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Looking for Traffic? See why you are wrong!

    1. Hi Enstine,
      Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment. Yes, procrastination is a major problem, especially in the internet marketing game. Too much stuff going on, and we lose focus.
      Just take action

  4. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for a very inspiring post.

    I think too often we feel we don’t have any skills that we could use to make money online, but once we take a closer look and really identify what we do know, we find we have a lot of skills.

    I should take stock of my own skills and see if there is something I can offer on fiver!


    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Yeah, I think I dropped lucky for a while with my gigs. I have actually suspended them for a while at the moment as they were taking up just a tad too much time. (People do expect a lot for $5 lol.) Although I believe if you hit on the right service to provide, that takes a small amount of time – it could be a winner.
      The video-maker software is amazing, and I would recommend it yes, although only if you need it 🙂

  5. Hi Brian,

    Amazing how things happen like this. I just put up my first fiverr gig today too. Offering my services as a creator of infographics. I just bought a software form one of our colleges, namely Noel Cunningham. I the infographic software, the Facebook fanpage one and the Youtube channel graphics. So what I’m going to do is to put up some Fiverr Gigs and see who bites. Glad I saw this post. It’s so nice to hear other stories similar to mine and especially to see that it’s working for you as well. Nice going.

    Steve Troutman recently posted..The 80/20 Rules Applies Everywhere, All The Time

  6. Hi Brian, I both smiled and squirmed a little at this post, because I too have suffered from ‘afflictions’ these past 2/3 years. Firstly with Shiny Object Syndrome and then with Serial Procrastination, the second one being paticularly akin to haemorrhoids *, as it leads to an acute ‘pain in the backside’.

    * For your American readers : Hemorrhoids.

    I particularly enjoyed reading about how having gone out and bought the video maker software, you just took the plunge to learn as you went and didn’t wait until you’d mastered it before seeking ‘gigs’.

    I guess about the same time, I bought Easy Sketch Pro and proceeded to do nothing with it! Your post just reminded me of what can be done with what we up North refer to as a bit of ‘guts and Gumption.

    Keep up the good work, Buddy. I’ve subscribed, so look forward to reading more on your blog.

    Regards, Jonathan

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      thanks for taking the time to post on here. I appreciate it.
      Yes sometimes it is better to learn as you go, otherwise we can over think things, and this leads to self doubt.
      Thanks for subscribing


  7. Great Post and well written.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting stuff with us. Make money online is not a big deal if we have a proper guidance and path. Video making business booming nowadays

    because of growing demand of smartphone and people are accessing Facebook and YouTube directly from their smartphones and videos always engage people if they are high quality,
    Nisha Garg recently posted..LaunchPad Software – A Technology Like Never Before

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