How To Change WordPress Admin Panel Color

How To Change WordPress Admin Panel Color

Hi folks,

A short tutorial video for you today, especially for those of you who hate the new ‘Black’ coloured WordPress admin interface after the 3.8 updates

This quick 2 minute video shows you how to change it quickly.
Please leave a comment if you found it useful 🙂

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”726″]
Hope you enjoyed my “How To Change WordPress Admin Panel Color” Video

9 thoughts to “How To Change WordPress Admin Panel Color”

  1. By the way, I am testing out a new commenting system on my blog. Please can you let me know if it is working from your end.
    At the moment I am seeing two comment forms, but only one is working !!

  2. Well this custom pop up comment ,seems to work ok, but it interferes and turns off the bottom default wp comment box below to not be usable you get an error message when you try to leave a comment.

  3. Thanks guys, yes its up to the user to choose which color scheme to go with – a personal preference, I prefer the lighter options.

    Yes Zora, it is a small bug that I need to iron out. The default WP comments form is supposed to turn off when using the custom form.

  4. I absolutely love the left side bar navigation with black background. This color scheme and layout is common in SAAS. Many SAAS sites use this format and I find it really handy myself. I even changed the layout of my flag shio website MUA to match the nav bar, hover and dropdown menu scheme. Thanks for the cool video by the way 🙂

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