Free traffic from classified sites – Video Training

Hi guys.

Here is a video I created today showing you a technique I have been using to drive free traffic to my squeeze pages.

If used correctly this method could see you gain a good number of views everyday. Its quick, and simple to master. You can do this multiple times per day for greater effect.

I put a really cool twist in there too, which makes the ads more tempting to click!

I have provided the resources below the video.

Check out the video now, and please leave a comment if you found it useful.

Brian     (to create your code)

6 thoughts to “Free traffic from classified sites – Video Training”

  1. Thanks Brian. Another great video and yet again, I understood it!
    Well done my friend and keep um coming!

  2. Excellent video. I really liked the technique, specially at the end when you showed how it can be easily outsourced for five bucks on fiverr. Thanks for making the video and sharing with us. I have bookmarked the page.

  3. Great tip,didn’t know about I’ve been submitting to up to 250 classified ads with a text ad for my kindle e-books. Going to start submitting as soon as i make an ad. Thanks again for a great tip.

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