Exciting Changes!!

Hi guys,
I am still working through John Thornhills mentor program, so you will see another new addition to this blog. John has recommended the addition of a pop up, to grab more subscribers. You may see one pop up when you first come to the site. it wont be there everytime, because it knows when you have been, (its a clever pop up!)so it wont be too intrusive.
The pop up works within aweber and was a super simple installation. I will let you all know the results of it.
If you happen to sign up to the new list, you will receive case studies from some of Johns most successful students, Ive seen them, and it gives you great motivation to keep plugging away.
Any way this week I am working on my new product – its called The List Building Formula – I have compiled all my research together, and now creating content. My cool graphics are coming along great too!
Any way guys – have a great day.

John Thornhills Masterclass

2 thoughts to “Exciting Changes!!”

  1. Hi Brian,
    Looks like you got a plan. List building is something that is a mystery to a lot of marketers when starting out and even experienced marketers have had their battles with their list growing.

    Good luck with it and keep us posted.


  2. Thanks Dave,
    I aim to grow my list by offering great value, thanks for the good luck wishes. I checked out your blog – liking it!

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