Don’t Give Up [Video]

Hi guys,

A short video for you today that I recorded this week whilst out on a mountain bike ride, high up in the Cheshire Peak District, UK.

I love mountain biking and have just had some new front forks fitted. So I was keen to try them out.

It was hard work, but exhilarating, especially when you make it to the top of the trails, ready for the descent!

This short video explains how sometimes you feel as though you want to give up, however you may be just about to complete the journey.

I placed some images below the video too, showing my progress through the forest. Hope you like them.

Here is the video – The sound for the first 10 seconds is shocking!  (sorry) It was very windy up at the top.

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”491″]

Okay, so it isn’t always plain sailing, even on the descents!

On my way back down the trails, I had to negotiate steep hills, sharp bends, rocks and boulders. Even the odd steep hill back up again!

So even though you have done the majority of the hard work, you still need to keep one close eye on things while you enjoy the view, and steer your way through the obstacles. However it is much easier as you do not have to pedal as much!


Click to enlarge the pics – But then click the back arrow on your browser to get back 🙂




13 thoughts to “Don’t Give Up [Video]”

  1. Good post, You make a good point about not giving up. The difference between ‘giving up’ and ‘soldiering on is akin to success and failure in whatever you do. I’ve just recently bought myself a mountain bike(haven’t owned a bike since I was 11 or twelve I think)and I can confirm it’s true you never forget how to ride one. I can also remember when I couldn’t ride a bike without stabilizers but I never gave up trying to learn to ride my bike without them! so it just goes to show that almost all of us who can ride a bike at one point must have had stabilizers (or get falling off) and our mind to it and didn’t give up until we learned to ride the bike without the stabilizers. Self motivation, discipline and dedication is all it takes-sounds easy- but it isn’t.
    Ian Armstrong recently posted..Solo Ads and Ad-Swaps

  2. Hi Brian,
    This is so true, I can relate to this, I have a DVD with marketer Mike Filsaime, and it shows you a young boy on his knees on a rugby pitch, he is told to crawl to the half way mark while blind folded, the boy starts crawling and as he starts, a young man sits on his back, he starts to say no I can’t do this, his sports coach screams and shouts at him to encourage him, and keeps on saying “promise me that you will never give up”as the boy continues to crawl every body is cheering him on,and in no time at all he reaches his goal the half way mark….

    The moral of the story is,never ever give up, you can achieve anything if you focus your mind on it.

    Watching that kid crawl reduced me to tears,very powerful indeed…


    Nigel Spence recently posted..From Stuart Turnbull

  3. Well hello Brian, thanks for this message. Likewise its good to remember the phrase “the night is always darkest before the dawn.”

    No plan is made perfect, it evolves from our learning and experience which means its fine to walk backwards from time to time and revisit a proven point that you can recommence your journey towards your goals from.
    igor Griffiths recently posted..So its Not Perfect

  4. Thanks for the inspiration, Brian. One does not always have to make the best videos to convey a message.

    I totally embrace the never-give-up mentality and I’m picking up friendships along the way as part of my perseverance in the internet marketing world.

    Again thanks and good luck with your list building product.


    1. Cheers Gareth,
      Yes I believe the message gets across even though the quality is not great.
      If you keep up with that attitude Gareth, you will never be far from achieving your goals.


  5. This is a nice illustration, Brian. I can relate to the other hills that come into view after you get to the top of one (!) My first hill was building a website . . . now I see there are numerous stages and activities involved in internet marketing for any type of business.

  6. Hey Brian,

    This is the video that I needed after my current business setbacks. I was actually contemplating defeat! But the only way to fail is to quit, so I’m just going back at it even harder now!

    Oh and nice looking bike you have there 😉


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