Changes To My Blog

Hi guys,
Over the next few days, (actually 31 days), you may notice changes to this blog.
This is because I have enrolled on a mentoring course by John Thornhill – a top marketer. And I am taking action. I am doing everything he suggests – After all he has made millions of dollars online for the past 10 years.
Currently I have changed my theme, added adsense, and am now configuring my widgets!!
Over the course of this month he will be teaching me proven methods he has used to grow his list, sell affiliate products, and become a leader in the internet marketing niche.
The course is super simple, and step by step.
Hopefully the changes will not distract from your experience, but they will make me more money!

If you want to view Johns course, unfortunately the WSO is now closed, however, as an afilliate of Johns, he has given me a link to his marketing masterclass program that you can try on a trial basis for just $4.95!!

Check Out This Great Deal Here –
Ps – I wish I had found this link before I bought the WSO!!

John Thornhill’s Masterclass

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