20 Ways To Get More Blog Comments – How to Get More Blog Comments

Hi ,
Here are some of my top tips for grabbing more comments on your blog.

How To Get More Blog Comments

1) Let people know who you are! Place a photo of yourself in your header, or at least on your ‘About Me’ page and write a few paragraphs about your background.

2) Write your blog posts as if you are writing it for a friend.

3) Ask people to comment on your blog – Simple. A simple call to action works wonders sometimes.

4) Reply and respond to every comment your blog receives.

5) Use the Commentluv plugin to encourage others to comment on your blog, for the valuable back links.

6) Engage in blog commenting yourself, on other niche related blogs.
Remember to leave a valuable, engaging comment, and leave your latest blog post as the link. ( If it is related, even better..)

7) Link to other blogs that are related to yours, and promote other blogs in your posts.

8) Use a regular posting schedule

9) Visit the blogs of those who have commented on your blog, and return the favor.

10) Ask a question in your post.

11) Use email notifications. eg the free Subscribe to comments plugin, each commenter will be encouraged to return to your blog when a reply has been left.

12) Make it easy! Nothing worse than jumping through hoops , just to leave a comment!

13) Be controversial

Wait!! You said 20 Brian – That’s only 13

Ah so I did, well I am looking for ideas and inspiration. Please comment below with your ideas for grabbing more comments on your blog.
The best answer, wins a guest post on this blog 🙂

33 thoughts to “20 Ways To Get More Blog Comments – How to Get More Blog Comments”

  1. Hi Brian, Thanks for the great tips .You have some
    good one’s there My Blogg Buddy.

    Number 14) Have a contest were the best post will
    win a prize like a guest post on your blog.

    They win and you win with getting some free content
    for your blog.

    Number 15) Have a blog hopping contest were everybody who enter will have to comment on each others blog and other that add up to 50 website blog comment .

    First to 50 wins,You will have 10 to 20 people entered and they will but commenting on each others blogs and bring back links and traffic to each other.

    This will make your work fun and you get to win a prize maybe. It will build comradery with the other bloggers also and maybe long time commentors.
    zora recently posted..Everybody needs this BloggBuddy My [BLOG]Review

  2. Hi Brian yes i have ,It was fun .
    Get nominated or tagged by somebody ,
    and you join in and tag somebody else .

    It can go on for a month or so and go viral.
    Here is an old blog post I participated in,
    read up on it in the post.

    IN this Blog hopping competition you will
    get a lot of your posts read.

    Danial Sumner challenged me and some
    others to do it Here is the like to the post.


    Zora Blume
    zora recently posted..[BLOG]-Heads up… you should try to get in early 3 day Blowout! Contest….

    1. Hi Zora,
      I have picked out your comment as having the most interesting and valuable ideas for grabbing more blog comments.
      Let me know if you would like to submit a guest post here on my blog.
      Cheers and keep rockin.

      Thank so much for everyone else for commenting also. (And for the lurkers….)
      Brian Oliver recently posted..Are you guilty of neglecting your blog?

  3. Very clever. I’ll have to remember that one.

    One of the ways to get comments on your blog is to join a Facebook group where the members are encouraged to post links to their posts and ask for comments. You belong to one of those, don’t you, Brian? 😉 It’s reciprocal. If you ask for comments to a post, the thing to do is to comment on others. Groups like that are often part of paid memberships, but if you do a search you’ll be able to find some that aren’t. And if you can’t find one, create one.
    Hollie Hawley recently posted..Questions Can Start the Conversation on Social Media (#8 in a Series)

  4. Hey There Brian, These are some GREAT Tips! I am just getting started going through the Blogg Buddy training and set up! I am THOROUGHLY Impressed with what you have created and the Free Ebook was a Great additional touch!

    *Additional Blogging Tip- You can also add a opt in box at the end of your blog post using a free wp plug in ( wp opt in) that you can have people opt into your list and you can follow up with them, right from your blog post) 🙂
    Jocelyn Jones recently posted..6 Crucial Elements Needed to Create a Successful Marketing System

  5. Hi Brian

    3 suggestions of mine:

    1) Use Facebook to its fullest extent – for example: Use a Promoted Post because they show up in your audience’s Newsfeed and thus on their smartphones and tablets – which Facebook Ads don’t.
    2) Sign up at helpareporter.com and become a contributor to hard copy magazines.
    3) Make each headline the best it can be: According to Neil Patel of Quicksprout.com: “A great headline convinces more people to read your copy while a poor one sends potential customers searching for somewhere else to spend their money.”

    and another for good measure:

    4) Link out to other relevant blogs in each post: Apart from giving your audience an alternative viewpoint; these links also alert the other blog of your existence and they should come and check you out. If your content is strong enough then you could become a regular link for them.

    1. Hey Dom,
      Thank you for those suggestions, I did not realise that about promoted posts, but to be fair, I have only ever lost money on FaceBook ads, so I am no expert.. (Yet)
      Some great tips , thank you

  6. Hi Brian,
    From an SEO point of view it’s probably not too great to do multiple comments to multiple posts on a blog with the same backlink although of course you will probably get more eyeballs onto your comments and links if you do put your name about more, especially on well visited blogs.
    I suppose this gives more value to deep linking to your own posts directly rather than just the front page all the time, even if that front page is constantly changing as more posts are added.
    Any thoughts from you or your readership on deep linking as opposed to front page linking?

    Another hot tip for posters… Always use your full name. There are thousands of ‘Stevens’, but very few ‘Steven Lucas’ and only one who’s replying to this blog at the moment .


    Steven Lucas
    Steven Lucas recently posted..And so into Autumn

    1. Hi Steven,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, you are probably right about the SEO benefits, that’s why in my BloggBuddy training videos I suggest sometimes leaving the full link to your blog post, rather than the main blog name every time.
      I am not an SEO expert so not sure about deep linking and how it works in detail, so I will leave that for others to comment on if they wish.
      Cheers Steven

      Brian Oliver

  7. Hello from Thailand Brian,
    Really enjoyed your enlighening post AND the great comments it encourgaed. Very clever mate. I have never tried a “contest approach” as suggested by Zora – sounds like something I can implement easily. The main take-away for me was point 7 – re the promoting of other people’s blog post. A simple idea that I have never done as yet. Thanks for sharing these creative and helpful tips.
    Peter Beckenham recently posted..I’ll Have What She’s Having!

    1. Hi Peter,
      Yes Zora’s idea was a great one, and I am guilty of never putting it into practice. I am sure if I did I would see the benefits.
      I am glad my post reached all the way to Thailand! Thanks for stopping by

  8. Really enjoyed your enlighening post AND the great comments it encourgaed. Very clever mate. I have never tried a “contest approach” as suggested by Zora – sounds like something I can implement easily. The main take-away for me was point 7 – re the promoting of other people’s blog post. A simple idea that I have never done as yet. Thanks for sharing these creative and helpful tips. – See more at: http://brianoliverblog.com/20-ways-to-get-more-blog-comments/#sthash.ti3WxRDj.dpuf
    Konal recently posted..Download Official IMO App for Blackberry Smartphones

    1. Hi Jatin, thanks for you kind comments.
      I am not sure of any blogger plugins, as I do not use it.
      However if you could take some friendly advice? Why put you business in the hands of blogger? They will own your blog. Better to create your own.
      If you don’t know how I have some ‘How to Videos’ here – Click

  9. Hi Brian,
    This is truly an inspirational article for me. i am a beginner in the field of blogging and i love to here from experts about their experiences, their success mantra, strategies, tricks etc. You have given a great stuff through this article. i will definitly follow your tips for my further blogs. Thank you so much.

  10. Hey thanks for sharing this great article.

    It’s been a constant struggle trying to get more comments, and there’s some top tips that’s inspiring here.

    Thanks for your great work, keep it up! Cheers

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